A Different (and Positive) Perspective on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Gina K
4 min readMar 18, 2020

Having a new perspective has given me hope and has erased any anxiety over the future.

By: Gina Kershaw

This year I was offered an incredible opportunity that would boost my business and set the stage for my ultimate goal of speaking to hundreds of people.

I was completely blown away by the opportunity and could envision how positively it would affect my business.

I was invited to speak about women in e-commerce at a Global Summit for Entrepreneurship. I was honored and excited and everything else you can imagine. Basically, over the moon!!

One problem. The Summit is early this summer.

In Rome.


You’ve heard of the quarantines in Italy?

So, even though I submitted my speaker abstract, they moved me into a KeyNote spot, and everything was moving forward, I’m not going.

Because of coronavirus.

I could be super disappointed, feel like everything is against me, and have massive anxiety about the future. But I don’t.

Not Disappointed, Even Though I Could Be.

Going deep with this one.

This past year I’ve been exploring how changing my thoughts and mindset can change my feelings — and ultimately the results in my life.

So, I see this pandemic differently than most people do.

I have a completely different perspective on what is happening. And this new perspective has given me hope and has erased any anxiety over the future.

This Pandemic is Affecting the Entire World.

When I think about events that have affected the ENTIRE WORLD — there are not many that we can compare this to.

I think of the flood. Yes, that one. The “Noah” one.

God needed everyone to listen up. And he got their attention. He allowed for a new start for the ones that were willing to take it.

This is different, obviously, but I see parallels. And only something God could have perfectly orchestrated.

How else could we have an almost complete shutdown of commerce, travel, and nations? How could such a thing even happen without divine intervention? We could not do this ourselves.

I actually think it’s quite brilliant.

The Coronavirus is Fast and Also Gentle.

He has introduced this virus. It’s spreading fast.

Although it’s dangerous, it has not been devastating.

It’s scary enough to stop people in their tracks and disrupt every aspect of our lives.

But …

It has not severely affected most people under the age of 20. Our children have been safe.

The death rate is low — especially considering the fact that some people never experience any symptoms at all, and for others, it is like having a cold or the flu. In China, a country of 1.4 billion people, they have had approximately 3,500 deaths. A tiny fraction of their population.

For people who are in the danger group, they have been forewarned so they can stay home and self-protect.

And still, everything is closing. Stores, restaurants, schools, fitness centers, conferences, weddings, hotels, even Las Vegas is starting the shutdown.

The World Has Paused.

The world has paused.

Yes … The entire world has paused. No words. Unprecedented.

What now?

What is happening underneath the panic?

This Outbreak Has Given People a Gift … A Moment to Think.

People that have been stuck in their jobs have a moment to think.

They have a few weeks to reconsider their lives. They have opened their minds to other possibilities.

For the ones that have felt called to other opportunities, but could not find time to start, they now have time to plan, and think, and start.

Companies that have been stuck in doing things the “same old way” for decades are reevaluating their processes.

Conferences are going virtual. Changes that would have taken years to happen are happening in a matter of days or minutes.

Companies have opened their minds to new possibilities.

So … what does this mean?


The Coronavirus Will Actually Cause Transformation & Growth.

Something miraculous is happening.

Ideas are free to come in where they were once stopped at the door.

Just like a forest fire that clears the path for new growth, this pandemic is opening hearts and minds like nothing else could have. It really is brilliant. And gentle. So grateful for that.

This shift in perspective has given me such a change of heart — I am actually so excited to see what will happen next!

With a worldwide opening of ideas, growth in all areas — technology, research, humanitarian involvement, innovation, online education (and more) is going to jump exponentially at rates higher and faster than we have EVER seen before.

The growth and changes are going to blow our minds!!

Take Heart. Good Things Are Coming.

So, even if we are quarantined for a few months, the stock market drops, and we can’t do things like we have done before … Take heart. Good things are coming.

People are going to start changing their lives for the better.

Companies will make changes they should have made years ago.

More people will be able to work remotely, and families will benefit.

We will see exponential growth and economic progress because of the massive release of new ideas.

The stock market will hit the highest marks it has ever seen.

It really is exciting.

It’s just a change in perspective, but it feels right.

And hope brings even higher immunity (not a bad by-product).

So stay healthy, and look with a brighter light towards the future. We are privileged to witness such a moment in time.

Gina Kershaw is a former criminal defense attorney turned online business strategist. She coaches women and helps them find opportunities to work from anywhere so that they can ditch their soul-sucking corporate jobs. She has authored two best-selling books and has been a featured speaker at several business conferences including the always sold-out Alt Summit. She can be found at https://ginakershaw.com.



Gina K

Gina Kershaw is a podcast host, online business strategist & mindset coach for women. She can be found at https://www.ginakershaw.com